YAI Registers as Company Limited by Guarantee

On April 12, 2017, the Youth in Agriculture Initiative (YAI) was officially registered as a company limited by guarantee in Kampala, Uganda. This is the first major step for the soon-to-be not-for-profit (NFP).

In Uganda, the process for registering as a non-governmental organization (NGO)/NFP is to first register as a business, then the procedures for becoming an NGO can take place. While the first major hurdle may be out of the way, this second step comes with a number of other challenges. For starters, obtaining the necessary funding is an important component of the application process. The decision of the Ugandan NGO board is another big step. This one is particularly challenging, as they only meet once a month, assuming there are enough applicants. Furthermore, any additional information required will also take time, therefore this next step will require patience.

Opportunities to invest in or donate to the organization will soon become available. Should you wish to provide financial assistance to the program itself, or sponsor a student you may do so once the fundraising campaign has been launched. If you wish to discuss these opportunities before the campaign has launched you may do so by visiting the “Contact Us” page and filling out the form or by emailing donations@youthinagricultureinitiative.org.

The members of YAI are excited about achieving this first step, and look forward to the future development of the organization.

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