Why We Do It

Understanding the how behind the project is easier than the rationale for doing so.

The idea behind YAI stemmed from a thematic gap that began to surface following a number of meetings and workshops that took place throughout Uganda in 2015. Youth were showing up to these discussions seeking knowledge of how to become sustainable farmers, but were leaving empty handed as there are currently no youth-specific programs related to agriculture.

YAI recognizes the financial and educational burden that comes with wanting to begin any operation, let alone one related to food production. With food insecurity and youth unemployment at a high, it only made sense to make an effort to bridge together this gap, while aiding the local economy.

YAI hopes to eliminate food insecurity in the areas it operates out of, while inspiring young community members to feel empowered enough to take on this task themselves. In doing so, we hope to provide the necessary skill set required to enable graduates of the program to begin their own sustainable farming operation – leading not only to food security, but financial security, as well.