Mission and Objectives

The Youth in Agriculture Initiative (YAI) is a Ugandan-based organization with a mandate to reengage and educate Ugandan youth back into the agriculture sector.

YAI aims to achieve its mandate by establishing a tuition free agricultural training centre  that seeks to build capacity in youth without a formal education in food production techniques, as well as basic business skills. In doing so, it aims to teach students of the program to move beyond the subsistence level of food production, in order to establish lasting careers within the agriculture sector.

The daily mission of YAI is to encourage agricultural improvement through youth engagement, innovation and capacity building.

The objectives of YAI surround the development and empowerment of the most vulnerable youth in relation to food security and employment opportunities. More specifically, these include:

  • Providing technical agricultural training related to crop production and small livestock, such as chickens and goats
  • Providing basic business skills, which will enable participants to understand the operational aspects of running a small farm or agricultural business
  • Providing hands-on learning opportunities to ensure optimum success and implementation post-completion
  • Providing interactions with a number of agricultural channels beyond just the production of food, such as seed sellers and commercial buyers
  • Providing a safe and nurturing environment for students to engage in the course material and seek innovative practices
  • Enabling participants to run an agricultural operation beyond the subsistence level
  • Providing learning opportunities outside of the curriculum, such as guest speakers, workshops and other events